3 Tree Planting Mistakes to Avoid
3 Tree Planting Mistakes to Avoid

By Avoiding these few tree-care mistakes when planting or relocating trees to enjoy healthier, happier trees for generations to come 🙂

Plant trees too near utility lines.
Trees should not be planted too near utility lines. Conversely, you should also be sure to consider underground utilities, including septic tanks and gas lines, before planting any trees.

Incorrect way of piling mulch around the tree.
Don’t pile mulch into a mound up around a tree of any age. Instead, make a Donut of mulch around the base, being careful to avoid touching the bark with the mulch. Burying the base of the trunk with mulch is the same as planting it too deeply. It will result in the same slow decline and bring eventual death of trees.

Plant trees too deeply.
If you follow a tree trunk down to its base, you’ll notice that it flares out just before it meets the soil. When planting new trees, be sure that this root flare is located above the soil surface. Planting a tree too deeply will not result in immediate tree death, but rather a gradual decline in health, branch die-back, peeling bark, and a slow but certain death.

Published : 10-Aug-2020

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