7 Must-Know Indoor Garden Tips
7 Must-Know Indoor Garden Tips

  1. Location of plants – Select plants that suit the environment, because even the most dedicated gardener can’t make a sun-loving plant thrive in a cold & shady area. So, ensure that your plants are suited to the light levels and temperature of the room in which they’ll be positioned.
  2. Avoid direct sun- Direct sunlight is not suitable for most house-plants. Also, don’t place house-plants over direct sources of heat likes: radiators & etc.
  3. Avoid shady areas- Ensure there is sufficient light for your house-plants to photosynthesise effectively.
  4. Water wisely- Don’t over-water house-plants; adding some drainage material at the bottom of the pot will help to keep roots aerated and ensure that they don’t drown.
  5. Re-pot regularly- Aim to re-pot your house-plants into larger pots every two years. This will ensure that they are not stressed and will thrive.
  6. Be vigilant- Learn to recognize potential problems early on before a pest infestation or other physiological problems kill off your plant. For instance, recognize a danger sign for low air humidity when flower bud falling off, leave withering, and leaves with brown tips. Signs of high humidity include mold, rot, and soft growth.
  7. Think long-term- Some popular house-plant gifts only have a short growing period, so choose plants that will thrive for longer if you want a year-round display.

Published : 11-Aug-2020

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