4 Interesting Facts You Didní»t Know About These Fruits
4 Interesting Facts You Didní»t Know About These Fruits

Durian (The King of Fruits)

Durian is a favor fruit of South East Asia with toxic smell
(You Either love it OR hate it).

It contain high levels of tryptophan, Our body can converts it into happiness hormone serotonin, beside this, The Indian researchers also found out that there was a marked increase in fertility in male mice who were fed Durian regularly over 2 week period.

Cultivation of Watermelon can be found in Egyptian hieroglyphics dating back more than 5,000 year ago.  Watermelons thrive in dry areas, with more than 90% water in its fruit. they have long served as water source for both people & animal.

Evidence has been found that they were carried by explorers as a sort of naturally occurring water bottle.

Even though there are more than 300 different type of banana species in the world, but there is one type of banana called Cavendish Banana, it has already been grown all over the world from Asia to Europe & America regions.

The problem with this sub species is no matter where you grow them and where it come from, they are all generically identical. That means it is vulnerable, because with no genetic differences, a single fungus or disease could wipe out this world most populated banana species.

You know what?!

All the world bananas are mutations derived from only 10 plants that were originally cultivated on African continent.

Studies show that just by eating a handful of dried Apple over 6 months period will result in a drastic lowering of bad cholesterol. Long term studies have shown that those who eat apples have a lower risk of stroke, improved respiratory function and easier time maintaining a healthy weight. Apples can also reduce the risk of some cancers by as much as half, improve brain function and cellular health to prevent development of diabetes.

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Published : 10-Aug-2020

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