Glow-In-The-Dark Plant

Have you ever wonder, is there really a real glow-in-the-dark plant, like what you see in the forest of Pandora from Movie ‘Avatar’? The answer is…YES!!

photo from the Bioglow corporation

‘Starlight Avatar,’ the world 1st auto luminescent plant, is about to hit the market from biotechnology company named Bioglow. This indoor plant is a nicotiana plant that emits a dim, blue-green light comparable in strength to starlight –  an ambient glow that is best seen in a darkened room.  It has ONLY 2-3 months lifespan.

This auto luminescent plant is produced by Bioglow Tech, founded by molecular biologist Dr. Alex Krichevsky.  He has worked for > 6 years to develop light-producing plants. Bioglow claims without any chemicals and UV light, the plants can emit light on their own…

Nicotiana ‘Starlight Avatar’ from Bioglow is the world’s first light-producing plant.

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Published : 10-Aug-2020

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