4 Amazing Powers of Weeding
4 Amazing Powers of Weeding

Weeding can be times consuming and tedious tasks when maintaining your garden or lawns. Are there any good from weeding? The answer is resounding YES!

1. Power of Connection: Weeding allows you to get closer to plants, learn more about them, watch their progress, and simply helps you to develop a better relationship with your environment.

2. Power of Contemplation: Weeding can give you a chance to slow down, let your thoughts wander, and open your mind to new ideas.

3. Power of Physical Exercise: By doing weeding, actually it does add variety to your exercise routine (if you have one and if not, you just earned a little sweat).

4.Power of Accomplishment. Some days you might feel like you’ve rushed through life and not achieved a single thing. With weeding you see (and feel) accomplishment within minutes.

Change your perspective & celebrate the power of weeds 🙂

Published : 11-Aug-2020

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