Doní»t throw away those broken pots!

With imagination, all you need is a broken pot, plants, and maybe some pieces of the broken pot to create an amazing miniature garden. You can also incorporating miniature houses, glass mushrooms, and colorful bird houses into the beautiful potted garden.

These D.I.Y potted gardens are the perfect craft to fill up your next weekend.

Below is Step-by-step photo on how to start a broken potted plant, reincorporating the broken pieces as an entirely new addition, including little steps made of planter-pieces.

Be inspired by these photos of brilliant potted garden from broken pots

Mixing and matching plants is a great way to add contrast and a story behind your fairy garden, but make sure that all of the plants you pick go to together. In other words, all plants should require the same amount of food, water, and sunshine. Otherwise, some plants will thrive and others will rapidly decline.

Growing succulent plants is a smart idea because they don’t require tons of water and tend to be low maintenance.

You can plant the garden any way you like, but as the flowers grow in and bloom they always add a unique touch.

Published : 11-Aug-2020

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