PIMA 每 Secondary Industry Apprenticeship Program
PIMA 每 Secondary Industry Apprenticeship Program

The Secondary Industry Apprenticeship Program (PIMA) was introduced by the Ministry of Education Malaysia (KPM) to open up opportunities for undergraduate and undergraduate students in academics. It helps students to acquire industry-related skills during their secondary school. A joint venture program with the industry network will expose students with hands-on skills training.

PIMA is a special program offered for Form Four and Five students who do not excel academically. Under the program, the students would only attend school for only two days in a week, with the remaining days of training at designated industrial centres.

PIMA sets 60% of the learning time in the industrial area while 40% of academic studies in schools aim to equip students with vocational skills in line with industry demand The objective of PIMA is to overcome the dropout of students at the upper secondary level, providing learning alternatives to students at risk of dropout, raising learning interest through hands-on experience in the industry and providing the opportunity to apply the knowledge and theories learned in the industry in the real world.

As our efforts to give back to our local community, SJH Nursery & Landscaping Sdn Bhd has adopted 2 of the PIMA program students.

Published : 3-Sep-2020

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